Will start Road trip from Hyderabad to London

April 20, 2018

Hyderabad based businessman and his son are all set to embark on a bike ride from Hyderabad to London, with the purpose of spreading the message of peace, happiness and love across countries.

The duo will start their journey on April 24 and cross the boundaries of 16 countries on the landscape of over 17,000 kilometres within 55-days.

“We are six riders from India including my son Rakshit and me. Both of us will start from Hyderabad on 24 April and meet the rest at Guwahati on 28 April. Together we will pass 16 countries and finally reach London after 55 days of travel, out of which 42 days will be for rest,” GV Prasad, Businessman and Biker said.

“We are trying to promote one world, one family. We will cover 16 countries i,e. 17,000 kilometres,” he added.

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