Why Salman Khan Did Not Attend Inder Kumar’s Funeral? Here’s the Real Truth

August 10, 2017

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was expected to attend the last rites of his Wanted co-star Inder Kumar, who passed away recently due to major cardiac arrest. But the actor wasn’t seen anywhere during the last rites, which led to many speculation because Inder Kumar was very close to Salman Khan and his family.
Inder Kumar’s wife Pallavi reveals why Salman Khan did not attend Inder Kumar’s funeral.
These reports have not gone well with Inder Kumar’s wife Pallavi. Reacting on Salman’s absence at his Wanted co-star Inder Kumar’s funeral, Pallavi told SpotboyE, “Some stories have been floating that Salman Khan did not attend Inder’s funeral and two and two is being added to make it five. Pray, does Salman need media attention? Does Salman need to prove that he loved Inder? How silly it is to infer that if a person does not attend someone’s funeral, he/she is at war with the deceased? I think the media needs to understand certain things in a mature way. It is so shi**y to read that if such-and-such star did not attend Inder’s funeral, he did not love Inder was a brother to Salman. Agar arthi uth rahi hai aur Salman nahi hai, agar chita jal rahi aur Salman nahin hai- then Salman does not love Inder! How dumb is that!”
Let’s not get into the details how he connected, but Salman did whatever an elder brother needed to. Inder didn’t have much work since many years, so how many cars he must have sold to survive in this heartless city? Yet another loose talk happening is that there were hardly any people at Inder’s funeral and there were not enough relatives to light his pyre. Can people open their eyes that Inder’s brother had shaved his head and he lit the pyre?”
During one of the interviews in February this year, Inder Kumar had expressed his wish to work more with his Wanted co-star Salman Khan. The actor has said, “I have worked more with Salman Khan and wish to do the same in the future as well. He is my brother, my guru and the biggest star in the industry right now.”
In his career of nearly 2 decades, Inder Kumar has worked in over 20 movies including ‘Tirchhi Topiwale’ (1998), ‘Kahi Pyar Na Ho Jaaye’ (2000), ‘Wanted’ (2009) ‘Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi’ (1996), ‘Agnipath’ (2012) and ‘Tumko Na Bhool Payenge’ (2002). The Masoom film actor, who was last seen in Yeh Dooriyaan (2011) was currently preparing for his next comedy film, ‘Phati Padi Hai Yaar’.


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