“Traffic of Jammu: Citizen’s Responsibility too”: Nisha Nathyal, SSP Traffic Jammu

August 6, 2017

Jammu is the city of diverse people, if agreed to the conversational session with Senior Superintendent of Jammu’s Traffic Control Police, Nisha Nathyal. Yes, Mr. Atul Vinod Duggal, Webazinee’s Editor-In-Chief encountered with Nisha Nathyal to get and spread info on Jammu’s traffic scenario.

In this interview, many interrelated facts of road safety with different situations of traffic in Jammu city have been highlighted from the perspective of traffic police.

In the view of Nisha Nathyal, Jammu has very different and difficult traffic scenario due to lack of road education and sincerity towards following rules. Distinguishing Jammu from others, she has mentioned that other states have crime first and then traffic on list to control. Here it is all about Militancy to concentrate for all the armed forces then crime and then traffic which is why traffic gets set back somewhere to concentrate upon.

She talked about the wrong road structure and its planning in new as well as old cities. They are congested due to steep turns and narrow formation. She made it very clear; all that can be still controlled is the “Citizen Support” which is highly lacking in terms of understanding, awareness and honesty towards following rules.

Nisha Madam specified about even the tiny details that why people are not considering traffic issue as an issue. The problem lies in ‘Fine Charging Structure’ in MV act which is extremely low according to people’s sincerity towards traffic and fear of paying it.

Teenagers, youngsters, bike or two wheeler riders are so careless that neither they stop on red lights nor they are bothered to wear helmets. Rather than heads, they are carrying helmets on their elbows only to wear it while reaching any crossroads or check points.

When she was asked to give any message to the people of Jammu for traffic and its rules, she only requested not to turn blind eye towards these rules and respect traffic customs and honor red light for their own safety and security from accidents.


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