Reason for GoT Season 7 Episode 4 leak Revealed: Says Police

August 23, 2017

Police arrested four people in connection with the leak of episode 4 from season 7. Now the investigators mentioned details about the same.
The leaked episode had Star India’s watermark on it, which means that Hotstar who is HBO’s partner in India for airing the episode was responsible for the leak. Later it turned out that Prime Focus Technologies—the agency which manages Star India Private Limited’s data, is the root of the entire problem.
Four people were arrested in the same regard and now one of them has revealed how it got revealed. The Information Technology (IT) professionals have told the police that they were curious about the fourth episode of the ongoing season seven of Game of Thrones and had, hence, accessed it illegally. In fact, police investigations have revealed that one of the accused, Alok Sharma, had also passed on the leaked episode to his girlfriend.
Apart from the several angles being probed by the police, it is also being checked if Sharma, along with four others, had leaked it to please his girlfriend. So far, the police have not found any link hinting towards any monetary benefits. The four Bangalore-based accused were produced before a court on Monday and were remanded to the custody of BKC cyber police till April 24. An official, who was part of the probe earlier, said, “Initially, there were suspicions that one of the accused had accessed the episode as his girlfriend wanted to see it. The girlfriend had then passed it onto others, one of whom uploaded it online.”
The fourth episode of the ongoing seventh season of Game of Thrones was leaked online on August 4 before its official airing date of August 7. The HBO series also airs on Hotstar, Star India’s streaming service. The cyber police, after registering an FIR in the matter, zeroed in on Prime Focus Technologies — the agency contracted by Star India Private Limited to manage the data – as being responsible for the illegal leakage of the episode.
Prime Focus Technologies came forward and accepting that the leak had happened at its end, lodged a complaint (FIR) against one of its serving employee and alleging that he, along with another former employee and others, unauthorisedly gained access to the episode and, thereafter, illegally leaked it to the general public. The police teams then went to the Bangalore office of the agency from where they arrested the four IT professionals for leaking the episode.

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