Padmashree Balwant Thakur: A Theatre; an Intellectual Revolution

August 18, 2017

Creative freedom is not just a term but a wholesome field of work and can be made a lifetime opportunity proven by Padamshree Balwant Thakur; A renowned name in the theatre industry not just in Jammu but in whole of our as well as other countries.
While entitling into various features of theatre and running his own theatre “Natrang”; Balwant ji never really actually thought of making it a profession or mark upon it that too with great excellence.
This time Webazinee got lucky to present Balwant Thakur’s view and concept about theatre and how does it differentiate from other’s outlook of this mirror of society.
He was very clear and to-the-point about theatre and its role in carving his life with “Natrang” and the power of theatre in making a change to the society if given due respect and importance by people of society.
He discussed his early careers which he opted initially when his young mind was indecisive of what is correct and what is not for him. Courses like Law, Journalism via Mass Communication, etc were the ones which later dropped by Balwantji due to lack of creative freedom and novelty involved in them.
Balwant ji also discussed the vast difference in the current scenario and the acceptability of theatre in India as well as other countries of the world. People according to him are neither aware nor interested in theatres in India due to proper sources and value given to the awareness creation.
On the basis of his experiences of performing and conducting theatre plays abroad, he said, “People there outside India are so much into theatres and art that they promote it on their own through its appreciation and pushing their children too into theatres; not just to watch but to take participation and think creatively like a person belonging to art does.”
Moreover, he told he is on his mission to promote art and craft in addition to his own field of theatre between parents, children and the budding artist i.e. youth with due amount of sources available and efficient collection of illustrations for eye opening results.
He ended with a message to run for capabilities not profession for making Jammu a known name not for bad but for great reasons of emergence of new actors, directors etc.

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