One on One Dialogue about J&K with SSP Jammu, Dr. Sunil Gupta

August 4, 2017

Webazinee’s Editor-in-chief Mr. Atul Vinod Duggal had a chance to get along with Senior Superintendent of Police Jammu, Dr. Sunil Gupta. It was really informative and knowledge oriented conversation for whole of the Jammu city and its citizen.

He talked about his journey during his whole career as a police officer and what is the present scenario of whole police department in India as well as in Jammu in particular.

According to Dr. Gupta, Jammu police has a very different scenario than that of other states; even the whole structure of Jammu administration in itself is very different in terms law and order, crime ratio, militancy, government programs etc.

He accepted all the efficiencies and deficiencies that lie in junior and senior level police hierarchy. Mentioning that, Dr. Gupta made very clear that all the issues major or minor are very much under control with immediate effect.

Dr. Sunil Gupta even talked about different levels of Thanas, Chokies and other Functional Units of Police of Jammu and Kashmir. He made many points regarding the coordinated effort of different organizations in making a healthy society like NGOs, Common People, Business Unions, and Traffic Transport etc.

According to his views on policeman’s job and his vitality, he says “policeman’s job is very vulnerable with 100 on 100 anticipated performances with no mistake at all which is in terms of reality not possible.

In the end, Dr. Gupta appealed for citizen support in following rules and regulations, make a safe and healthy society; reason because a policeman emerges from society and society is made of citizens of a city, state or country.


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