Microsoft’s Speech Recognition System hits 5.1% Error Rate, Lowest so Far

August 22, 2017

A 5.1% error rate is a big accomplishment for Microsoft as the technology companies are making efforts to achieve an AI-based speech recognition system that has human-level accuracy.
Microsoft’s conversation speech recognition system has reached a 5.1% error rate, which is its lowest so far. The conversation speech recognition system is essentially designed to accurately recognise the words in a conversation like humans do.
This milestone means that, for the first time, a computer can recognise the words in a conversation as well as a person would. “Our research team reached that 5.1 per cent error rate with our speech recognition system, a new industry milestone, substantially surpassing the accuracy we achieved last year,” Microsoft said in a blog post late on Sunday.
Last year in October, the team from Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research reported a speech recognition system that makes the same or fewer errors than professional transcriptionists. The researchers had then reported a word error rate (WER) of 5.9 percent.
“Last year, Microsoft’s speech and dialog research group announced a milestone in reaching human parity on the ‘Switchboard’ conversational speech recognition task, meaning we had created technology that recognised words in a conversation as well as professional human transcribers,” said Xuedong Huang, Technical Fellow, Microsoft.
‘Switchboard’ is a corpus of recorded telephone conversations that the speech research community has used for more than 20 years to benchmark speech recognition systems. The task involves transcribing conversations between strangers discussing topics such as sports and politics.

Source: IANS

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