‘Indu Sarkar’ fame actress Rashmi Jha to launch a fashion and beauty app!

August 24, 2017

Actress Rashmi Jha, who made her acting debut in Bollywood with Madhur Bhandarkars ‘Indu Sarkar’, is set to launch her own app about fashion and beauty.

“This app will consist of fashion and beauty posts. Not only that, this app will also guide you where you can buy the same products and if not same, something similar to it at a lesser cost,” shared Rashmi, who was a fashion designer.

“It will also help to guide you regarding make-up and beauty treatments. I’ll be giving tutorials on how to apply make-up, how can you team up your clothes to look more fashionable and what footwear to wear with what,” added Rashmi, who loves collecting shoes.

She owns more than 100 pairs of different stilettos, sneakers and flats.

Source: IANS

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