Health Tips

Don’t stop doing Planks everyday

Jun 11, 2018No Comments

Okay let’s admit it; beginners hate planks! And why just the beginners, even the experienced players in the field of fitness hate it. But considering

Premature Death can be cause due to Lonelin...

Jun 11, 2018No Comments

Men and women who “feel lonely” are more likely to have worse mental health, heart disease conditions and die early than those “living alone”, according

Want to be healthier, eat vegetables alot

Jun 11, 2018No Comments

Washington: You may want to add more greens to your diet as recent studies have linked eating healthful plant-based foods to lower risk of chronic

Avoid Painkillers in pregnancy

Apr 16, 2018No Comments

Think twice before taking painkillers during pregnancy as researchers have found that they could affect the fertility of the unborn child in later life. The

Yoga classes may help kids against stress

Apr 12, 2018No Comments

Participating in yoga and mindfulness activities at school helps relieve stress and anxiety in young children, improving their wellbeing and emotional health, a study has

Stay fit after 40

Apr 02, 2018No Comments

There is an adage that says, “life begins at forty”. However, this is also often the time that the body starts to wear out, signaling

Every girl should do strengthening exercise...

Apr 02, 2018No Comments

Strong abdominal and back muscles are essential for doing everyday tasks, like lifting your 20-pound toddler or picking up heavy bags, not to forget preventing

Fat in your belly can slow down lung task

Apr 02, 2018No Comments

Apart from the other disadvantages of having excess weight around the waist, love handles may even restrict lungs. A study by French researchers suggests they

In Indian, One in ten females affected by T...

Mar 24, 2018No Comments

With over 20 lakh cases of Tuberculosis worldwide, India is the second leading country to contribute to the related mortality rate. Usually the TB bacteria

Breastfeeding moms aware! Avoid overeating

Mar 20, 2018No Comments

New mommies, you may want to avoid overeating as according to a recent study, you may be risking your kids’ health. Mothers who overeat during