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5 necesarry equipments to carry on a trek

Feb 19, 2018No Comments

Trekking for the millennials is no longer a leisure activity. It is being taken extremely seriously, to the extent that a lot of people are

Here’s why you should leave your shoe...

Feb 19, 2018No Comments

Next time you go to take your shoes off on a plane, you might want to think twice. According to a recent report, roaming bare

Feeling alone this Valentine’s Day? P...

Feb 09, 2018No Comments

As comes the month of February, love and romance is all that one has on their minds. With couples absolutely going gaga over-hyped Valentine’s Day,

Year-long beach party in Europe

Feb 06, 2018No Comments

A seaside resort town in the Netherlands is having a year-long beach party for the entirety of 2018. The year-long event is to mark the

Celeb-favourite resort to give away designe...

Feb 05, 2018No Comments

A celeb-favourite resort in North America is going to offer complimentary designer shoes to its patrons. The Caribbean resort has seen regular visits from various

Water Raindrop Cake: The ‘It’ J...

Feb 03, 2018No Comments

Japanese raindrop cake has taken the internet by storm. A transparent drop cake, it appears as a solid bubble of water. Besides the appearance, its

Peas, broccoli may cut obesity

Jan 24, 2018No Comments

Consuming of dietary fiber like peas, broccoli, raspberries, blackberries, coconut and figs daily can prevent obesity, suggests a recent study. According to Georgia State University

Integrating India through food

Jan 24, 2018No Comments

With 29 states providing food ranging from the spiciest dishes to the blandest preparations, the variety of food that India has to offer is simply

First voice-activated smart hotel rooms deb...

Jan 20, 2018No Comments

Park Inn by Radisson IP Extension launched its voice assistant-enabled smart hotel rooms on Thursday. The property features the world’s first hotel rooms to have

Is fish consumption linked to better sleep?

Jan 16, 2018No Comments

Eating fish at least once a week results in better sleep and higher IQ in children, suggests a study. Previous studies showed a relationship between