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Daily consumption of baking soda helps as a...

Apr 26, 2018No Comments

Seems like, another use has been found for the all-rounder baking soda. According to a research conducted by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta

5 places where your spirit wants adventure

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While few prefer relaxing on a beach or exploring historical cities for their holidays; others let their spirit of adventure dictate their holiday destination! If

Will start Road trip from Hyderabad to Lond...

Apr 20, 2018No Comments

Hyderabad based businessman and his son are all set to embark on a bike ride from Hyderabad to London, with the purpose of spreading the

Pasta, Not only tastier but also can be a h...

Apr 03, 2018No Comments

Turns out, pasta can be a part of a healthy diet without packing the pounds. Wait, what? According to a new study by St. Michael’s

A new fashion of Mushroom coffee

Apr 02, 2018No Comments

Listen up, coffee aficionados, add a new caffeine fad to that long list of already existent varieties of coffee and let us all call it

Taj Mahal will be now opens only for 3 hour...

Apr 02, 2018No Comments

The visitors to Taj Mahal, the world famous ivory-white marble mausoleum, will now get only three hours to see the monument here in Uttar Pradesh,

Wants to make your hotel room healthier?

Mar 27, 2018No Comments

After travelling for hours, people look forward to settle down in their hotel rooms, away from dirty transport and several air-borne diseases. However, not many

Leicester city of England to host National ...

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

If there can be events and days dedicated to pies, chocolates and cheese, why can’t we celebrate the lip-smacking samosa? A National Samosa Week has

Global tourism predicted to slow after best...

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

The travel and tourism sector is set for a modest slowdown in 2018 as a result of higher oil prices and airfares, a year after

Here are the most loved filming locations

Feb 19, 2018No Comments

There are many locations which we see frequently on screen – be it at your home or at theatres. A list has been compiled which