Brides-to-be, get ready for a ‘stylish’ surprise!

August 24, 2017

If you’re planning to say ‘I do’ anytime soon, here’s a stylish surprise for you!
Naina Jain brings to you her latest collection for the wedding season. The collection is inspired by the Inlay Work of Rajasthan which has elaborative motifs, cutwork, lavish colours and heaving detailing. This kind of work in India is majorly practiced in Agra and Rajasthan, forms the soul inspiration of the collection.
Keeping ‘Bandhani’ in mind which is also the brand’s USP, the designer has beautifully amalgamated the two crafts, Kadwa and Meenakari with Bandhani. The amalgamation of the decorative and intricate crafts forms beautiful ensembles for this wedding season.
The designer has used a lot of Kadwa and Meenakari techniques to create the ensembles for the bride to-be. In Kadwa technique, each motif can be woven separately. In addition to that, through this technique, different motifs of different sizes, colours and textures can be woven onto the same sari which is quite difficult to do otherwise.
The other technique, Meenakari has also been used to add different colors to the pattern and to make the piece even more interesting.
Speaking about the recent collection, Naina Jain, Fashion Designer said, “Gone are those days when the brides to-be used to select those cliched / typical red bridal lehengas for their weddings. Nowadays, the brides want to experiment with their outfits, make-up, jewellery and so on… or in other words they look for something traditional yet unconventional and unusual. This time, the collection which we have designed is a concoction of Kadwa and Meenakari technique in a beautiful marriage with Bandhani.”

Source: ANI

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