An Interaction with Students of Jodhamal Public School on ‘Multimedia’ by Atul Vinod Duggal

August 8, 2017

Tuesday morning was an edifying day for almost 600 higher secondary students of Jodhamal Public School in Jammu. The session was conducted by Webazinee’s Editor in Chief, Mr. Atul Vinod Duggal.

In this average one and a half hour session, students were told to meditate first which could help them concentrate on the presentation well while listening to career guiding words of Mr. Duggal.

After this small meditation and career motivation convention, the students learnt about the basics of Multimedia and its immense usage today.

Motivation towards choosing right career comprises of one to one conversing with students regarding their future goals and the direction towards understanding them. The speaker talked about parental guidance and importance of convincing parents towards children’s field of interests.

He explained multimedia in a broader form right from its inception to its daily use in today’s world like an addiction. He showed few of the behind the scenes videos of various popular movies where multimedia and its forms have been used and nobody realized it while watching the final versions of those multimedia files.

Students keenly observed the points covered and took great interest in the whole presentation with prompt answering. It seemed very clear that the session helped children of Jodhamal Public School to see multimedia as an innovative subject with innumerable career prospects ahead.

In short, multimedia as explained is the dissemination of regular or interesting information in a more extraordinary form with the usage of different text forms, images, audios, videos sometime animation forms to deter it with the regular format of dissemination. Also it makes information further clear and to-the-point before reaching the ultimate target group.

In the end Webazinee would like to thank trustee Mr. Nandan Kuthiala and Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bisht to offer us a chance to enlighten teenage students of 9th and 10th standard of Jodhamal Public School about different aspects of Multimedia. It was a great pleasure for us to inform students about this possible career option for them and share our knowledge about the same with them. We would also like to thank the entire staff and students of school to patiently listen to our presentation with complete attention and curiosity.

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