An Actor, Director, Performer, Writer; All at Once: Vickrant Mahajan

August 21, 2017

When a person stops thinking about achievements and starts thinking about performances, s/he makes records. The name that illustrates this phrase remarkably well is Jammu’s Vickrant Mahajan. It is very proud for Jammu that people like Vickrant Mahajan belongs to this part of India.
A person with immense positivity and magnificence was with Webazinee to let people understand his theory of life. The conversation began with the early life and journey of Mr. Mahajan with his ups and downs into it. According to his view, even after going through difficult times, the thing that let him stand was his super positivity which is why Mr. Mahajan today is Founder of Super Positivity Moment in Jammu.
This is not it; Mr. Mahajan is the only person in the whole world to make 100 (a century) of Guinness World records all by himself in a period of only 1 year. Truly he is a person of a gem.
Remembering his journey with all the dates and time, Vickrant excitedly let us know about how and in what manner did he managed to make those records on his own.
He ecstatically said, “I gave longest speech ever of 48 hours 31 mints without stopping; then I made the Largest Greeting Card in the world with last record of playing 40 characters in a movie called ‘Happy Kaun Hai’”.
He mentioned he also wrote a book called “Yes, Thank You Universe” which is more likely on positive motivation only with more details in that.
Speaking of his journey, he exclaimed, “I had been through very difficult challenges which let me grow everyday with different motives and this is the reason why I love challenges. I cannot spare even a day without challenges, I feel incomplete without them.”
Being an art person, he is more into making films, planning shows, writing scripts, which is why his future plans are also on the same line of thought for us to get more positive treats by him. It is very rare to find a person who has learned so much not only from life’s happy moments but from the life’s miseries at every other turn.
After enlightening so much with his words, Mr. Mahajan ended with a note for each and every person’s inner champion to identify it, grow with it and wake up with it every day for a better tomorrow.
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