A Quirky & Haunted Trip with No Tech Support

August 21, 2017

A group “Your Trip Ends Here” presents ‘Alwar Unplugged’ which will take place from August 25- 27, 2017.
Would you be interested in travelling from Delhi with a bunch of strangers and experiencing the haunted fort of Bhangarh, Chand Baori – stepwell of Djinns, Sariska sanctuary and many fascinating forts and ruins in Alwar surrounded by hills? Then sign up for “Alwar Unplugged” by the group ‘Your Trip Ends Here’, which takes place from August 25- 27, 2017.
Your Trip Ends Here…
‘Your trip ends here’ is a travel project started by Zabeeh Afaque. But at a time when there are more than enough travel projects starting, what’s so unique about this one? Well, the project is for travel enthusiasts explore quirky destinations, but without the support of technology.
In the present day scenario, you’re never detached from your cell phone, and have this insane need to immediately check the messages as soon as they arrive via watsapp. But during trips with this particular group, you leave your cell phones behind and learn what it means to truly unwind.
So you won’t be checking in at all those cool locales, taking crazy selfies or snapchatting your way to more followers while on this trip. But maybe that’s the only way one can truly connect with nature and yourself.
Cost factor
The cost for the entire trip (including travelling from Delhi and back) is Rs. 5,000.

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