A Challenge: Narcos and Annabelle Together: Said Sigman

August 24, 2017

Hollywood actress Stephanie Sigman has been earning rage reviews her performance as Sister Charlotte in the recently released horror film, Annabelle: Creation. She revealed while shooting for this she was also shooting as Valeria Vélez, a Colombian journalist, in the popular American web series Narcos, which is about drug cartels.
In a telephonic interview, the Mexican actor reveals that she was shooting for both the projects simultaneously — and it was quite a challenge to move between characters. “I was shooting for both of them at the same time. So it was pretty difficult for me, because the two characters are so different from each other. One is this super intelligent journalist, and the other one is a nun. So, it was a pretty challenging thing for me to do,” says Stephanie.
The second instalment in the Annabelle franchise has received positive reviews from critics across the globe, and has been doing well at the box office, too — many critics have called it one of the best films in the Conjuring film franchise. The first Annabelle film, about a demonic doll, was a spin-off of the Conjuring films, and the latest film is a prequel, the origin story for the doll.
Sigman says, “We had no pressure on us as such, to make it as popular as the first Conjuring film. What worked for me personally was the fact that it was a really good story, and the character I’m playing was pretty challenging. But I hope that people are able to watch the film without any biases or [thinking] how the previous films in this franchise have done.”

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